The Benefits of Using Stand Up Walkers

The Benefits of Using Stand Up Walkers

When getting around on your own becomes problematic, it’s time to consider mobility devices like canes, walkers, or power scooters. But which type of mobility equipment is right for you or your loved one? Knowing more about the benefits of using stand up walkers will help determine if it’s a good match.

  1. Stand Up Assistance

One major benefit of stand up walkers over regular walkers is the two-in-one benefit of a traditional walker, plus a stand-assist feature. This allows the user to stand up from a seated position independently. Simply adjust the lever to lower the walker into stand-assist mode, use it to help you or your love one stand up, lift the hand grips up, allow the walker to lock into walking mode, and use the walker as a walking-assist aid.

  1. Comfortable Grips

When using stand up walkers, comfortable grips are what help you go from sitting to standing positions, and comfortably walk using the walk assist feature. Ball grips are used to help you push down with your arms to get into a standing position. Once you’re up and ready to move around, the comfortable pistol grips help you hold on tight while walking.

  1. It’s Lightweight

While stand up walkers are sturdy, these stand assistants weight just 10.5 pounds, so are easy to maneuver and take with you when you’re on the go, regardless of your age or strength level. Being lightweight is important when it’s time to switch from sitting assist to standing assist mode, as the user has to lift up the device using ball grips.

  1. Different Width and Height Options

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to walker preferences and comfortability. That’s why stand up walkers are height adjustable, and provide two different width options. Choose from walker widths of 18 or 22 inches to perfectly fit your body type and grip preference.

The American Academy of Family Physicians says your walker should be at the level of your wrist (while you’re standing with your arms at your sides and relaxed). If this isn’t the case, your walker may need to be adjusted.

  1. Regained Independence after Surgery


Stand up walkers are a perfect choice for patients recovering from surgery, who are working toward regaining independence by boosting strength. You won’t require help every time you need to stand up to move around when using stand up walkers. If you’ve had knee, hip, or back surgery, stand up walkers can help you reach goals of becoming independent and a quicker, more convenient recovery.

  1. Easy Transport

That fact that stand up walkers are lightweight is one reason they’re easy to transport and take with you while traveling. Another reason is these walkers fold up easily, so you can conveniently take them with you anywhere.

  1. A Smooth Ride


Stand up walkers have 6-inch front wheels with rear leg ski glides, which makes for a smooth ride when strolling around town. You won’t have to worry about losing your balance or hitting a snag on the floor or falling, as this type of walker helps keep you on your feet without extra bumps or jerks during use.

  1. Reduced Injury Risks

If you’re not-so-steady on your feet, having the option for stand up assistance is key when you want to lower injury risks, especially if you’re somebody who prefers doing things on your own without asking for help. Trying to stand up without a walker or with a regular walker may put you at risk for falls. Having extra support (even if you don’t have somebody nearby to help you) can give you real peace of mind.

  1. It’s Sturdy

While stand up walkers weigh just 10.5 pounds, they’re study. These walkers can support weights of up to 400 pounds, so you won’t have to worry about the devices collapsing, breaking, or bending.

  1. It’s Colorful

Don’t settle for boring gray or beige walkers when you can reap the benefits of stand up walkers in a variety of colorful options. Choose from red, green, or blue stand up walkers to create the perfect device for you, based on color preferences.

Why Choose Stand Up Walkers?

Regular walkers work well for maneuvering around when you’re having difficulty with mobility. However, stand up walkers are devices that offer you a safe way to get into a standing position on your own — without assistance. Because stand up walkers are so sturdy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they can support you, prevent falls, and avoid injuries.

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