Our Most Handy Automobile Assist Products

Our Most Handy Automobile Assist Products

Individuals who struggle with mobility and balance often have a hard time maneuvering their bodies through daily activities. While these problems can occur at any age, seniors tend to be the most prominent group with movement issues. Lack of mobility is often triggered by falls, arthritis, and cognitive conditions, as well as natural changes that occur in the body with age.

For those individuals who cannot move around without assistance, it is important that they’re provided with at-home care or assistive devices. These tools can give seniors the confidence they need to maintain their active lifestyles safely, as well as encouraging their independence. It can become extremely unhealthy to stay indoors for long periods of time with no mobility or exercise, so providing these mobility options ensures that they stay healthy and strong.

Traveling from place to place can also prove to be difficult for those with mobility issues; however, some of our most handy automobile assist products serve to make driving a much easier task.

Handybar by Stander

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People with mobility issues may find it hard to get in and out of cars, especially if the design of the car is too high or too low for their injury or stature. A tool like the Handybar from Stander is a car assist tool, which offers some extra support for getting in and out of a car door.

Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, the Handybar fits into any striker or door latch easily. When you or your passenger is done using it, you simple unlatch it and keep it in the car for future trips. This is an ideal item for those individuals who struggle with balance, and who need to lean against something while orienting their bodies into the car seat.


Similar to the Handybar, the CarCaddie is designed to assist individuals who are trying to get in and out of their car seat. In comparison, this item is designed to hang from the frame of the car door window, and it is ideal for anyone who struggles with the strength to pull themselves up and out of a low-sitting seat.

To use, individuals just have to roll down their window and wrap the CarCaddie around the frame of the door. This item is best used when there is an individual to hold open the car door, while the individual who needs help pulls themselves up and out. This is also a very handy automobile assist product for those individuals who do not have the strength to physically support their partner.

Upeasy Seat Assist                       

Mobility issues can make it incredibly difficult to stand up from seats and couches; car seats that are too high or low definitely don’t make it any easier. When someone has mobility difficulties, it can be very helpful to have an on-hand mechanism that makes it simple to get off of any kind of seat, whether it’s at home or on-the-go.

The Upeasy seat assist is the perfect tool for these instances. The seat is designed to gently guide individuals from a seated to a standing position in a controlled manner that doesn’t push forward. As the user begins to stand, the seat automatically begins to work, lifting as much as 70% of the user’s weight up to 340 lbs.

The seat is designed with a hydro-pneumatic gas spring, which means it doesn’t require any sort of plug-in or batteries that could become hazardous. LevelLift technology ensures a safe and slow lift, and the item has a carrying handle that makes it easy to travel with. At only 9 lbs., the seat can easily be transferred from couches to chairs to car seats without much strength required.

Grab N’ Pull Seatbelt Reacher

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Even once an individual is able to lower themselves safely into a car seat, the next step can also prove to be tricky: Putting on their seatbelt. For seniors, people who are disabled, and those with shoulder injuries, reaching backwards for the seatbelt can be a very daunting task.

To ensure that individuals still utilize their seatbelts despite mobility issues, the grab n’ pull seatbelt reacher offers some helpful assistance. The convenient handle easily grabs onto the seatbelt without forcing the user to turn or use their shoulder blades too prominently. Simply attach the reacher directly onto seatbelts and users will be able to access the seatbelt more easily and with less painful movements.


Completing simple movements can be frustrating for those with mobility issues, but there are a lot of handy tools to make daily tasks much easier. For individuals who need assistance maneuvering in and around cars, these automobile assist products are available from some of the best brands in the field for easy, accomplishable tasks.

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