Our Best Shoulder Brace Brands

Our Best Shoulder Brace Brands

Shoulder pain and injury accounts for more than seven million people visiting their doctor’s office or local hospital annually. There are times when it is obvious what is causing the problem, while, for the majority, pain starts deep inside the shoulder and continually worsens, with no clear idea of the cause.

Whether from injury or surgery, shoulder issues are painful. Every time you move, reach, or touch something, that can be enough to send shooting pains down to the tips of your fingers. In many cases, just the weight of your arm is enough to pull on the shoulder and reward you with an endless throbbing that cannot be relieved on its own.

Short of consuming pain-relieving products, slathering the area with topical creams, and applying heating or cooling pads, the only option left to you is the best one—shoulder support products like a shoulder brace.

Shoulder Injuries

The natural aging process is responsible for shoulder injuries starting after the age of around 45 to 50. Although we don’t think of it at the time, all these years of playing sports, lifting heavy objects, and working out at the gym will eventually take their toll on your body.

When you consider the fact your shoulder joint moves each time your arm does, that is a staggering amount of wear and tear they go through. Every time you lift your fork, write a letter, type all day at your keyboard—these mundane activities are damaging to your shoulder.

Sports injuries are the next leading cause of injuries to the shoulder and arm. Think of the number of times you have seen baseball pitchers or football players walk off the field because of an injury. Accidental sports injuries can occur anytime, both with professionals and amateurs.

Surgical Treatments for Shoulder Injuries

Depending on the injury and its severity, you may need some type of surgery. Technology has come a long way in the medical profession, and techniques are far less invasive than they once were, but recovery can still be long and painful. Most hospitals will send you home with some type of brace to speed healing and reduce pain, but every surgeon will tell you about and emphasize the importance of wearing one.


Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

Suitable for either men or women, the contoured chest strap ensures a secure fit while immobilizing both the shoulder and the arm. It has an adjustable forearm cuff and shoulder strap for varying arm lengths and body types, making one-handed closing and opening easy with the use of Velcro. The universal shoulder immobilizer can be used for either the right or the left arm.


Shoulder Abduction Pillow

Easily used for either the right or left arm, the special design makes quick work of putting it on or taking it off. A high-density foam pillow is incorporated into the design and rests against the abdomen, preventing the arm from being too close to the body. An excellent feature of this innovative brace is the attached stress ball to assist with circulation in the hand without the need for motion in the shoulder or the arm.


Based in Tokyo, Japan, Zamst has been an industry leader in orthopedic development since 1992. Each of their products has a high-performance level, ensured with the collaboration of athletes, trainers, and medical professionals. Their rigorous manufacturing standards put a premium stamp on every product in their line.

One of their most innovative products is the Zamst shoulder wrap. Fit customization is guaranteed, thanks to their i-Fit technology which provides over-the-arm adjustable fasteners for any body shape. It adapts to the shoulder using a lightweight material still capable of providing rotator cuff compression support and stabilization with extreme comfort. For either right or left, it still allows full range of motion with the added feature of specialty material to wick away perspiration and provide ventilation.



The Bauerfeind brand stands for comfort, effectiveness, and quality. Their rigorous research, design, manufacturing, and testing processes have earned them numerous industry awards. Innovation has been their focus since their first compression stockings were manufactured in the 1920s, and they have multiple locations throughout the Middle East, United States, and Europe.

Their most unique product is OmoTrain, a support brace which provides shoulder joint stabilization and guidance following surgery or injury with the use of its special strap system. It provides compression massage on an intermittent basis for the soft tissue, centers the shoulder joint, and relieves aches and pains.

Along with limiting rotation, it also encourages mobility when needed.


Final Thoughts

While it is not always possible to prevent shoulder injuries, there are certain things you can do to help with prevention. Physical activities such as yoga are a wonderful way to gently stretch out areas of your body, including the arms and shoulders, without undue strain. It also keeps muscles and tendons loose, helping to avoid injury.

Shoulder braces and stabilizers were once seen as clunky monstrosities that no one wanted to wear outside the hospital. Today’s options are wearable either under or over clothing and far less noticeable.

The technology keeps improving and, with the use of the correct shoulder brace for your particular situation, there is a good chance you will find recovery time to be reduced dramatically as well.


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