Home Safety

Home Safety

HealthMax 360 and Home Safety

Home safety is very important to all of us at any stage of our lives but as our parents are getting older and we, as their children, are taking on the caregiver role, it can become more complicated. As the children are becoming caregivers, decisions have to be made that are hard, time consuming and expensive. Especially as we have a growing “Sandwich Generation”; those of us taking care of our families while also trying to help out mom and dad. This Sandwich Generation has to begin making decisions that will impact the safety and quality of life for multiple households.

One of the first decisions that needs to be made is whether or not mom (and/or dad) will be staying in their home. Assisted living can be expensive and many baby boomers are not prepared for that expense. They may decide that staying in their existing home is the preferable decision. If that is the case, you can be overwhelmed with all the everyday situations that are potentially dangerous and the unknowns.

We have partnered with Keeping Mom Safe to provide a home safety assessment. After answering a few questions, you will get suggestions for things to do to improve safety in the home. Not only can these products make life safer, but can also make mom and dads quality of life better. HealthMax360 has products that can help her get around (walkers, canes, grabbers, etc….) and networks to find home care providers.

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  • Brandon Blackman
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