Doctors make housecalls?

Doctors make housecalls?

For many years, calling a doctor to your house was the main way to get medical care.  In the 1940s, house calls made up 40% of doctors’ visits.  By the 1960s, the number of house calls were on the decline.  Today, house calls make up roughly 1% of consultations.  Many doctors and patients alike, see this trend about to change.

Why did house calls experience a decline?

There are several thoughts as to why they percentage of doctor house calls decreased.  One is the increase of insurance and medicare/CHP as methods of payments.  When payment options trended away from cash and towards insurance,



“Connected care” refers to the large (and growing) number of digital tools, from video consultations with psychiatrists to different types of technology that can passively detect when a senior falls to devices that measure diabetics’ blood glucose and can then send messages to their families’ or doctors’ smartphones when some type of intervention might be needed.


American Medical News said most of the physicians now making house calls treat elderly or chronically ill patients, with their goal being to reduce costly and unappealing institutional stays.

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