Accessories for your Walker, Scooter, and Wheelchair You Didn't Know You Needed

Accessories for your Walker, Scooter, and Wheelchair You Didn't Know You Needed

Using a walker, scooter, or wheelchair might be a requirement to help with your mobility or recovery after rehab. But did you know that each of these options comes with a variety of different accessories that can help to improve your comfort and function throughout the day?

Let's take a look at each option and discuss some accessories that perhaps you didn't even know you needed for your mobility equipment.

Accessories for your walker

Making the transition to using a walker full-time may seem to be limiting to your lifestyle and causing more difficulty than ease. But that doesn't have to be the case! With these two accessories, you can add more convenience and stability back into your life!

Walker bag

When you use a walker on a daily basis, you don't have the option to hold the things you need in your hands. So, it's important to have an option available to carry all your necessities. With a walker bag attached to the front of your walker, you can easily slip whatever you need into the bag and go!

Extra walker glide balls

If you have a walker with both front and back wheels, then this isn't an option for you. But for walkers that do not have wheels on them, it's helpful to have glide balls to allow you to move smoothly and quietly to wherever you need to go. And having extra glide balls on hand (possibly stored in your walker bag) is important in case one breaks or falls off and gets lost.


Accessories for your scooter

Knee scooters and power scooters are two very different pieces of equipment and are typically used to help with unique problems in mobility. But here are two accessories that can help to make your experience easier regarding both options.

Reaching Aid

No matter the kind of scooter you are currently using, a reaching aid is very beneficial! Have you ever dropped something and weren't able to pick it up afterward?

A reach aid helps to prevent you from hurting your back or bending in a way that you shouldn't when you need to grab something. Simply carry your reaching aid with you at all times so that you are never limited to what you are able to reach!


If you are still able to walk with a cane for assistance, having your cane with you at all times can be helpful when ramps are not provided and other handicap options are not available. But having to hold onto your cane can be more of a problem than simply leaving your cane at home. With a CaneTube, you can properly store your cane and attach it to your scooter so it's never left behind or in your way when you are on the move.


Accessories for your wheelchair

Using a wheelchair may be required by the doctors, but that doesn't mean that you have to be uncomfortable or embarrassed by the looks of it. Take a look at these two accessories that can help to provide comfort and style when you need it the most!

Foam search cushion

Sitting in a wheelchair all day can get uncomfortable, especially if the seat cushion is worn down and no longer provides the support that you need. A foam wheelchair seat cushion helps to provide stability and support to ensure that you are seated in the proper position. It also provides extra comfort and helps to prevent pressure ulcers that may occur.

Seat and roll bar cover set

Who says that your wheelchair has to be boring? Liven it up with a fun and decorative seat and roll bar cover set! Choose from a variety of patterns and let your personality show through the accessories you decide to use on your wheelchair.


Using a walker, scooter, or wheelchair doesn't have to be limiting, uncomfortable and boring! With the use of these accessories, you can add more function back into your daily routine while having some fun along the way!

So go and get your hands on these accessories that you didn't know you needed! Now is the time to stop dreading your mobility device and start enjoying it.

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  • Becky McDowell
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