5 Benefits Ankle Braces Can Provide to Seniors

5 Benefits Ankle Braces Can Provide to Seniors

There are many physical changes to the body associated with the aging process, as slowing metabolism, declining muscle mass, and reduced bone density all combine to hinder mobility and increase the likelihood of falls and injuries in senior citizens.

This is particularly true when it comes to the joints, and especially weight bearing joints, such as the ankles and knees. Here, the reduced strength of the muscles supporting the joint can put a lot of undue strain on the ligaments, negatively impacting balance and mobility. This can increase the likelihood of injuries, such as twisted or sprained ankles, and falls, which can have devastating consequences for seniors.

The fear of falling is a source of great anxiety for many older people, and can even prevent them from venturing out alone, which can lead to a loss of independence and negatively impact mental health.

Fortunately, improving the strength and functionality of the ankles is easily achievable with the use of a suitable ankle brace, which can be highly beneficial for those with weakened joints. By lending support to the ankles, ankle braces can improve mobility, reduce pain and swelling associated with prior injuries or arthritis, and can prevent twisting of the ankles and falls.

This can go a long way toward boosting the confidence of the wearers, as they find themselves able to get out unattended and less anxious about potential accidents outside of the home.

Here are the five biggest benefits to seniors from using ankle braces for improved comfort, safety, and confidence.

1. Support

The muscles around the joints weaken and lose mass as we age, which can make the ankles less sturdy and more prone to twisting and sprains. Ankle braces can prevent any undue strain from being put on the ligaments by supporting and protecting them while holding the ankle firm and steady. This support helps to prevent twists and wobbles, making walking easier and more comfortable and reducing the likelihood of a fall.

Many older people with weakened joints have anxieties about leaving the house alone, as the fear of falling can prevent them to straying too far from where they know help is readily available. Ankle braces can help to alleviate a lot of this stress, by inspiring confidence in the wearer and making them feel able to walk longer distances unattended. This may remove a lot of the limitations associated with reduced mobility, for a higher level of independence and a more positive mindset.


2. Pain Reduction

Weakened ankles are prone to rolling and twisting, which can be excruciatingly painful and result in a nasty sprain. The resulting pain and swelling from this type of injury can last days or even weeks, hindering mobility and making it more difficult to get around and carry out day to day tasks. This is particularly true for senior citizens, who may already have difficulties with mobility and often experience a slower recovery time compared to the younger population.

The support lent to the joints by ankle braces can significantly help to alleviate the pain and swelling of a sprain injury, making movement more comfortable and expediting recovery.

Ankle braces can also help to alleviate the stiffness, pain, and swelling associated with age-related conditions such as arthritis, making these diseases more manageable and lessening their impact on quality of life.

3. Injury Prevention

Many older people have weakened ankles that are more likely to turn inwards when walking, resulting in painful sprains which can take weeks to recover from fully. Ankle braces with plastic or metal supports on the outside of the ankle can be highly effective in preventing injuries of this nature, as they hold the ankles steady and preventing them from rolling inwards.

By stabilizing the ankles and preventing them from turning, a good ankle brace can also help to reduce the likelihood of a fall, which can cause serious injuries such as broken bones. An injury of this severity can be disastrous for the elderly, taking months to heal fully and, in many cases, leading to further complications. Supportive ankle braces can, therefore, improve safety for senior citizens, bringing peace of mind to the wearer and their family and preventing injuries that could seriously impact their quality of life.

4. Increased Mobility

A good ankle brace can make walking a lot more comfortable and easy, which can improve the mobility of the wearer and reduce the need for walking aids. The ability to walk longer distances and get up and down stairs with more confidence and ease can result in more independence, improving mental well-being and inspiring positivity.


A good supportive ankle brace can help to counteract many of the limitations to mobility and independence associated with aging, by making walking far easier and safer.

By improving mobility, reducing joint pain, and preventing falls and injuries, ankle braces can significantly improve the quality of life of many senior citizens. They are of particular benefit to those with weaker ankles that are prone to rolling and twisting, or for those with pre-existing joint problems, such as arthritis.

Final Thoughts

Ankle supports are inexpensive, comfortable to wear, and simple to use, and they can be easily purchased online and delivered to your home for increased independence and an improved quality of life.

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